Peter Rawley

Peter Rawley was born in London and educated at Oxford University where he gained his BA and subsequently MA. He entered the film industry in 1961. After producing extensively in the theater-THE BEDSITTING ROOM, THE PREMISE, OBLOMOV with Spike Milligan and with Trevor Howard STRINGBERG'S THE FATHER in 1966, he joined CMA (now ICM). He became Joint Managing Director of the London office and subsequently the Head of European Operations. In 1972, Peter became head of Production at MGM Europe and produced RANSOM with Sean Connery in 1975. In 1978, Peter relocated to the USA and in 1980 rejoined ICM as Executive Vice President and Head of the International Department. He opened ICM offices or affiliates in Canada, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain. He has also spent considerable time in the Far East and India. During his time at ICM, Peter represented such notables as Richard Dreyfuss, Paul Newman, John Boorman, Roman Polanski, Bob Rafelson, Mia Farrow, Faye Dunaway, and Richard Harris.
In 1996, he re-entered production and has produced or executive produced pictures SPY SORGE, MI SUEGRA ES UN ZOMBIE, XCU: EXTREME CLOSE UP, THE VENICE PROJECT and DONA BARBARA. He speaks Italian, French and Spanish in addition to English. He has lectured at many film schools and has given seminars around the country. He has broadcast with Jim Svejda a number of indecently eccentric programs of classical music. In 1992 he was honored by King Juan Carlos of Spain and is an Officer of the Order of Civil Merit. He is also a governor of the Ojai Music Festivals. Peter, a world-renowned international film financing expert, has been instrumental in securing financing of over $680 million dollars in budget money between 1990 and 1996.



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