Bayard Stockton

Bayard Stockton was born in Switzerland of American parents. He grew up in and around New York City and Colorado Springs, attended Exeter and Williams College.

He was recruited into the CIA, and served in Berlin and Munich. During his second posting, he became suspicious of a counter-espionage officer in the Federal German Intelligence Service who was later arrested and convicted of high treason on behalf of the KGB.

Stockton left the CIA to become Newsweek?s bureau chief in Bonn and later London. He resigned from Newsweek, and thereafter freelanced, primarily in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, for a variety of outlets, including ABC Radio and TV; BBC Radio Four and World Service; ARD (West) German Radio and TV; The Reporter and Harpers magazines. One of his Beirut contacts gave him a hint of what turned out to be the Munich Olympic Massacre in 1972; the source was later liquidated by the Israelis.

He was a founding editor of the short-lived Athens Mirror. While still living in Athens, he wrote Phoenix with a Bayonet (Georgetown 1972) and the privately-published Oceans of Gold, about George P. Livanos, a major Greek shipowner. He also wrote and narrated documentary films.

He has lived variously in Berlin, Munich, Bonn, London, Malta, Dublin and Mallorca, and has worked in every European country, many Middle Eastern nations, and done brief stints in Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Namibia.

Returning to the U.S. in 1980, he freelanced in San Francisco, mostly for British media, until he settled in Santa Barbara. There he was copy-editor on the Santa Barbara News-Press; and, for three years, Associated Press award-winning commentator, host and reviewer for a local radio station. He is a freelance contributor to

He published Catapult, the Biography of Robert A. Monroe (Donning 1989); his semi-autobiographical book, Misfit, From Addiction to Innocence is a work in progress. He has written a short spiritual reflection called Alone But Never Lonely, and has a sequel in draft form, working-title, This Thing Called Image. The final in the series will deal with the varieties of fear.

Stockton?s novel, Santa Barbara CA 93108 is a wry look at how big league intelligence convulses life on the California Riviera; a sequel, tentatively called Big Rig, is in the works. The trilogy starts with Desmond, most of which takes place in Ireland. All three books involve the not-entirely-serious relationship between a very senior, retired CIA officer and an equally ripened former Colonel General of the KGB.

He is currently reworking a biography, (working title) Flawed Patriot, on William K. Harvey, one of the outstanding, most controversial and least-understood of CIA?s senior espionage officers in the Cold War.

Bayard has moderated several panel discussion series on Ethics in Society for Santa Barbara Community College?s Adult Ed program. He led Santa Barbara?s citizen campaign of awareness on Y2K. In 2001, he started a new series of Adult Ed discussion classes dealing with international tensions, terrorism and religious warfare. The series, called As The World Turns often draws audiences of 150-200.

Bayard also teaches writing an Adult Ed writing class, The Creative Trust. He has ghost-written or edited the following books in recent years: Nothing To Fear (Tres Pinos Press 1999); The Reluctant Godfather by Verdun Trione (Books for Pleasure, 2001); Compulsive Obsessive: Behind My Clown Mask by Al Paarmann (Pacific Press 2001); The Color of Wine by Edith Hartnett (Pelagia Press, San Francisco, 2002); From Barrio to Boulevard, the autobiography of Robert Lebron, a well-known painter, as yet unpublished. He is currently working with Leanne Cooper on Waking Up In South America, about her adventures traveling alone; and with Joseph Jannotta on a fascinating World War II project involving an American and a Japanese officer.

Bayard is divorced, has three grown children and, currently, six grandchildren. He speaks fluent German, rusty French, and smatterings of Greek and Italian.



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