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Civilian Death Toll in Iraq Exceeds 100,000

published by New Scientist.com

Well, yesterday Oct 29, we sent out a myth/reality email addressing the number of deaths in Iraq (the number of lies) and, based on a June report we were at "in excess of 37,000", but that turns out not to be the half of it.
When will the numbers that add up, add up with this administration. Rumsfeld said a while back - 'sooner or later the Iraqi's will get tired of getting killed' and, to paraphrase, then we'll be able to put the Iraqi security force that we've trained into place and eveything will quiet down. Quite an extraordinary "foreign policy'.

The invasion of Iraq in March 2003 by coalition forces has lead to the death of at least 100,000 civilians, reveals the first scientific study to examine the issue.

The majority of these deaths, which are in addition those normally expected from natural causes, illness and accidents, have been among women and children, finds the study, released early by The Lancet on Thursday.

The most common cause of death is as a direct result of violence, mostly caused by coalition air strikes, reveals the study of almost 1000 households scattered across Iraq. And the risk of violent death just after the invasion was 58 times greater than before the war. The overall risk of death was 1.5 times more after the invasion than before.

The figure of 100,000 - estimated by extrapolating the surveyed households' death toll to the whole population - is based on "conservative assumptions", notes Les Roberts at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, US, who led the study.
That estimate excludes Falluja, a hotspot for violence. If the data from this town is included, the study points to about 200,000 excess deaths since the outbreak of war....


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