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Hello Everyone,
>> This is not the most comfortable subject for me to talk about but I do
>> believe it may be beneficial for all of you to get an actual Soldiers
>> perspective of what is going on over in Iraq. I am going to try and
>> make this short and keep it to the point. I very recently returned
>> from a 15 month tour in the Iraqi theater. I can tell you first hand
>> that we had no business going over there.
>> Unfortunately now that we are there we do have a major obligation to
>> make things right for the simple reason that we destroyed an entire
>> country. I know all you hear is how American soldiers are dieing
>> everyday and it is true. It is a very ugly scene over there. But the
>> one thing that they don't say on the news is why soldiers are dying
>> everyday. The reason why soldiers die is because this is more of a
>> political war than anything else. We could end this war tomorrow if we
>> wanted to use all of our resources but this won't happen because of
>> all the hands that are in the pot. Soldiers die everyday because we
>> simply do not have all the equipment needed to be successful. Don't
>> get me wrong. We have enough fire power over there to level that
>> country 20 times over but we are not there to level the country. The
>> fact is, no one really knows why we are there and that is probably one
>> of the biggest reasons why there is no end in sight. The last thing we
>> need is more fire power. What we need is the basic necessitates to
>> guarantee our safety during our daily missions. All the rumors you
>> hear on the news of how we were unprepared are true. The rumors of how
>> all soldiers didn't have body armor are true. Keep in mind body armor
>> is a basic issue item that all soldiers are required to have and yet
>> thousands deployed with out. Still to this day 90% of the trucks on
>> the road do not have the armor that they need to guarantee soldier
>> safety. These vehicles are no safer than your SUV. Can you imagine
>> driving your SUV over and IED? That is basically what soldiers are
>> doing on a daily basis. Hell in the beginning of it all, most of the
>> Humvees didn't even have doors let alone armor. To say it simple it is
>> a logistical nightmare over there. The supply channels barely exist.
>> Soldiers are doing jobs that they are not properly trained for. For
>> example, a soldier who maybe trained as a cook is going out and
>> pulling convoy missions. The reason why cooks are doing convoy
>> missions is because the Government has contracted ! all the food
>> services, amongst many other things, to Halliburton for millions of
>> dollars. Those millions of dollars is your tax dollars hard at work.
>> The Army is fully equip to be self sufficient and yet our Government
>> has chosen to spend millions of tax dollars on services that are not
>> needed. Trust me when I say that I can go on and on with how bad
>> things are over there, I have barely begun to skim the surface. For me
>> the biggest tragedy is the Iraqi people. The Iraqi people are nothing
>> short of amazing. They had very little before we blew them all up and
>> now thanks to us they have nothing. Most are very lucky to even have a
>> roof over their head. The Iraqi children are hurting the most. It
>> broke my heart to go out on the road and watch the faces of these
>> kids. They are truly beautiful children. A lucky child has one of
>> their parents. A truly lucky child has one of their parents and a
>> drink of water. A rich child has a parent, a drink of water and a
>> thatched roof house. And if that kid is really lucky it will have a
>> pair of shoes too. Just picture yourself in the middle of the dessert
>> with no water, no shoes and no roof over your head. It is a horrible
>> scene. Take all this however you want but the truth of the matter is
>> that a lot of the things John Kerry was calling President Bush on
>> during the debates were right on the money. I have no idea if John
>> Kerry will make a better President or not but I do know that we need a
>> change.
>> Now I don't want to be the one to say who you should or shouldn't vote
>> for but I will say that these last four years have been pretty rough
>> and this current administration has no intention of recognizing
>> anything that has gone wrong. It is obvious to me that if they are
>> unwilling to recognize then they are obviously not going to make
>> a many wrongs into a right. Be sure to exercise your right next week
>> and get out there. There is literally soldiers dying everyday for you
>> to have this freedom. Please don't let them down.


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