Homeland Insecurity

Bill of Rights vs The Patriot Act

by West Harford Citizens for Peace and Justice

A hardworking, committed group on the East Coast, the West Hartford Citizens for Peace and Justice, prepared this with a little help from the CCLU.

The Bill of Rights vs. The Patriot Act

U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights:
1. To be secure in your home with your
papers and effects free from unreason-
able search and seizure.
2. Not to be searched without probable
cause and a court order stating the
place to be searched, and the persons
or things to be seized.
3. Not to be deprived of life, liberty or
property without due process of law.
4. To keep private property. It can?t be
taken for public use without just
5. A speedy trial.
6. An impartial jury.
7. To confront witnesses against you.
8. To equal protection under the law.
9. To freedom of speech, to peaceably
assemble and to petition government
for redress of grievances.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans
have died to defend these rights, and
the Patriot Act takes them away!

Without having to show probable cause or any
evidence of wrongdoing, by simply stating that
national security is an issue, federal agents may:
- Wiretap your phone,
- Obtain your bookstore purchases, library records,
credit card, medical and student records,
- Monitor your cell phone, e-mail & Internet activity,
- Enter your home, conduct secret searches and take
photos and even remove property without telling
you until they choose. This one doesn't even need the
"national security" assertion. It can be applied as part of a
normal criminal investigation!

In many cases, warrants are not necessary, and when
they are, judges cannot refuse to grant them.
Because you don't even know these "searches" are taking
place, you can't challenge their legality!
If your doctor, professor, librarian, bookstore operator,
banker, accountant or other record-keeper tells you
that the government has requested your records, they
can be prosecuted!

By merely saying national security is an issue,
without having to show any evidence, the government
may also:
- Wiretap conversations between federal prisoners
and their attorneys. No attorney-client privilege!
- Use secret military tribunals to try individuals sus-pected
of terrorism. No right to a jury trial!
- Conduct covert activities against domestic groups,
as was done in the 1960s to discredit leaders like
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
- Arrest immigrants and hold them incommunicado
indefinitely, without charging them with any crime.
- Refuse to release even the names of those arrested .

Prepared by: West Hartford Citizens for Peace & Justice


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