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A measured word from GrassrootsforKerryCA

by Michael Webber

We could try to keep ahead of the daily, true and rumored stories about election "irregularities" or we could take a objective view and follow Michael's advice. He's got good websites listed at the end... And let's assume Greg palast and Steven? Coll (the Washington Post) are on top of it...

From Michael Webber-
I have received many emails wondering about the reports of voting irregularities, especially in Ohio and Florida, and how that impacts this and future elections. The short answer is that we don't have a complete answer, yet, but the legal teams are still on the case.

The Kerry legal team and other independent legal teams such as ACT are still at work, closely monitoring the results from various precincts. Because no results have been certified, yet (for example, in Ohio, the ~150,000 provisional ballots haven't even been counted), the legal team is spending its time primarily logging complaints and investigating allegations of fraud, negligence, voter intimidation and so forth.

And, while the number of irregularities so far is stunningly high, the sense I get when I speak to the lawyers on the ground is that no systematic pattern of abuse or fraud has emerged and that the combination of problems isn't in total enough to change the outcome of this election.

However, having said that, their monitoring continues, questions remain, and if the Ohio race tightens to within a few tens of thousands of votes after the provisional ballots are counted, it's likely a recount will be demanded as a matter of course. Today at MSNBC it was reported that the Green and Libertarian Parties will actually issue the request for a recount.

The mainstream media is following this story, led by Keith Olbermann at MSNBC, whose blog has frequent updates on the state of the election and the irregularities. Please send him a note at KOlbermann@msnbc.com thanking him for his journalistic enthusiasm and for staying on the story.

And, because the validity of proper vote-counting is such a critical part of our Democracy and for future success of the Democratic Party, I recommend you visit the following websites who are dedicated to the cause of keeping our election system honest and with an audit-worthy paper trail.

1. Black Box Voting
2. Verified Voting
3. Election Protection
4. Voters Unite
5. Votergate

Keep up the fight, everyone!


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