Who We Are
Robert Vinson

Robert Vinson is a second generation Angeleno. His maternal great grandfather, Don Jose Miraso, was born in Mexico and immigrated to the United States after a business deal with Pancho Villa went bad. Robert graduated from the University of Southern California, where he later returned to lecture as part of the “LA Semester Program” in the School of Policy Planning and Development.
Mr. Vinson is active locally on the boards of several nonprofit organizations including: Advisory Board Member of Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, (LAANE); Board Member serving Youth Mentoring Connection and former Vice President of Alternative Living for the Aging. Mr. Vinson was previously appointed to the California Criminal Advisory Commission and the California State Export Finance Board and co-founded LA’s Best Friends with Mario Marin.
Mr. Vinson owns Vinson Real Estate Group, an international brokerage and development firm which has built affordable single family housing and community facilities in the greater Los Angeles area.
Robert Vinson organized press, scheduling, and rapid response for President Clinton, Mrs. Clinton, former Vice President Gore and Senator Kerry, as well as for the Dalai Lama’s tours of the United States, including the reoccurring 70,000-person event in Central Park produced by Richard Gere.

Mayor Garcetti recently appointed Robert to El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument Authority.
El Pueblo de Los Angeles is a premier public historic destination and a department of the City of Los Angeles. This 44 acre site serves as the symbolic heart of the city and helps preserve the cultures that have shaped it into a world class metropolis. El Pueblo maintains seven museums, 28 historical buildings and 78 merchants with leases along Olvera Street. The department is governed by a nine member commission who are appointed by the Mayor and establish policies, set lease rates and provide long term oversight of the department.



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